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Odorizer - OL Series - Absorption Odorizing System



Absorption-type odorizing systems are employed in small- and middle-sized stations with flow rates up to 5000 Stm3/h. However, they are used as stand-by and emergency systems in all injection-type odorizing installations. for the proper operation it is necessary to produce a differential pressure, preferably by means of a VFA-MRO valve.

• OL-24: volume 24 liters
• OL-50: volume 50 liters
• OL-100: volume 100 liters
• OL-250: volume 250 liters

Technical specifications
Maximum allowable pressure PS: 90 bar
Direct reading level gauge
Regulating, shut-off and filling valves

Tank and valves: carbon steel
Tank and valves: stainless steel
Magnetic level indicator suitable for remote control