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Odorizer - DOSAODOR - Injection Odorizing System



Different solutions with:
• Control devices
• Operating or stand-by pumps
• Volume of injectable liquid

Pneumatic specifications
Permissible inlet pressure : 12 bar
Odorizable gas capacity : up to 300,000 Stm3/h
Odorant injecting capacity: up to 3 l/h

Electrical specifications
Control unit provided with:
- microprocessor
- keyboard
- display
- printer
Power supply : 230 V 50 Hz
Application class : II B T4
Interface for dialogue with remote control installations

Electronic control unit:
- Wall-mounted, in safe area

Pneumatic panel:
- Wall-mounted, in hazardous area

Flow rate signal
Flow rate signal processing for proportional dosing:
- LF impulse signal
- 4.20 mA analog signal

Software to telereading DOSAODOR DOSALINK
These software allows to get the historical data collected in the memory of DOSAODOR. In fact by serial port or by modem (standard or GSM) is possible the connection to the instruments and to collect the data. The software allows:
- Automatic calling to system
- Multi-languages (Italian, English, French...)
- Show and print data with graphics and table
- Generate the files of the data
- Exportation data in Excel / Access format



On request
• Higher permissible inlet pressure
• Flow rate signal processing by means of calibrated orifices
• Flow rate signal processing from other metering systems