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Axial Flow Pilot Operated Regulator
Counterbalanced Valve



FL series regulators feature axial flow, simple seat and counterbalanced valve. Thanks to their construction features, they offer higher capacities with the same DN and reduced overall dimensions. They assure high accuracy of the regulated pressure even when the inlet pressure is extremely variable. They can be used also as "monitor" to be installed upstream of the regulator as emergency device. The modular design of FL series regulators allows the combination of a monitor and a regulator through an intermediate stub-pipe (MFL series) without interposing flanges and thus obtaining minimum overall dimensions.

• FL: regulator or monitor
• MFL: regulator and built-in monitor
• BFL: regulator and built-in slam shut valve


Technical specifications
Allowable pressure PS : up to 100 bar
Inlet pressure range bpe : 1 to 100 bar
Set range Wh : 0.5 to 80 bar

1" - 1 1/2" - 2" - 2 1/2" - 3" - 4" - 6" * - 8" *
(* Type FL only)

Flange Rating
ANSI 300, 600

PS/79, RE/79, PSO/79, REO/79, PS/80, RE/80, PSO/80, REO/80
PRX/120, PRX-AP/120, PRX/125, PRX-AP/125, PRX/181, PRX-AP/181, PRX/182, PRX-AP/182

Booster Valves

Pilots for Shut-Off Devices
OS/80X, OS/84X, OS/88X