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Type B Pressure Reducing Regulator



The Type B regulator is a direct-operated, spring-loaded regulator providing economical, pressure reducing control in a variety of residential, commercial, and industrial applications; and for a variety of gaseous fluids.

This compact regulator can be installed in a pressure reducing cabinet or a reducing and metering cabinet above ground or in underground modules.

Integral Slam-Shut Valve
Compact Design
Internal Relief
Two Stages of Reduction for Constant Outlet Pressures
Inlet Strainer

Body Size
DN 20 x 32 (NPS 3/4 x 1-1/4)

End Connection Styles
Inlet: Sphero-conical or flat joint connection
Outlet: Flat meter joint connection

Pressure Registration

Maximum Inlet Pressure
4,0 bar (58 psig)

Maximum Outlet Pressure
400 mbar (161-inches w.c.)

Temperature Capabilities
-30º to 60ºC (-22º to 140ºF)

Approximate Shipping Weights
2 kg (4,4 pounds)


B10 / B25

B40 / B50