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Tthe ICG Group consists of a network of offices with over 150 consultants and professionals, based in Iran, the Middle East and Europe. Our aim is to provide a wide range of services such as consulting, sales of equipment and manufacturing mainly to the oil and gas industries as well as to other industries in general.
We provide our clients with tailor made professional services through ICG Group's local offices, Idam Consulting, Idam Sales and Idam Distribution and Manufacturing (PGP).

About Petro Gas Parsa Company



Petro Gas Parsa (PGP) company has been established with the aim of manufacturing and distributing equipment for natural gas and oil industry. In cooperation with leading international companies and through utilizing the latest technology, this company is renowned for its unrivaled product quality.

Petro Gas Parsa (PGP) has quick and practical solutions for supplying clients with equipment, the transportation and delivery to the project site within the shortest possible time frame.

With its vast resources, facilities, warehouses and various distribution offices, Petro Gas Parsa (PGP) is able to supply and deliver goods, parallel with providing after-sale services.


Petro Gas Parsa (PGP) is an affiliate of Idam Consulting Group (ICG).